Pantyhose Onion Saver

As we all know, onions rot when they’re left in plastic bags, and they spoil quicker when they’re touching each other. The solution to the plastic bag dilemma is that they need air, the solution to touching each other is to separate them. One day when I was about to throw out a pair of pantyhose with a run in them I had an idea. I cut off one of the legs and dropped an onion into it. I then tied a knot in the hose just above the onion, dropped another onion, tied another knot, until I reached the top of the leg. I hung the leg on a hook in my pantry and simply cut off an onion as needed.

Tip: if your pantry is not big enough to hang your onions you could hang them in your garage, mud room or laundry room.

Eventually you run out of pantyhose though so I’ve used mesh produce bags, mesh bags that river rocks come in … but instead of tying them between each onion I use twist ties in place of the knot above each onion. Sometimes you can only place one onion in the bag, but that’s still worthwhile as it will keep that onion fresh much longer. Just set up a few hooks in your pantry and hang your onion bags.

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