On-the-Go Grocery Bag Storage

With all of the best intentions I often don’t have a re-usable grocery bay when I need one. I use them once, take them into the house with the groceries and then forget to bring them back to the car. I was about to buy more reusable bags when I came up with a great idea.

I stuffed an empty paper towel roll with used plastic bags from other shopping trips and stashed it under the seat in my car. I liked this idea so well that I also stuffed a couple of toilet paper rolls with plastic bags and stashed one in each of my favorite purses and tote bags. Now I’m never without a shopping bag when I need one.

To keep my supply replenished I would try to remember to bring plastic bags out to my car to stuff the semi-empty tube but that never seemed to happen, so now I refill a tube when in the house and every now and then I remember to bring it out to the car. You may find a better way to keep your bag stash replenished but this one works for me.


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