Calendar Art

Calendar art can be really beautiful but who wants to hang a page torn from a calendar on their wall. Can’t quite call it art, can you? I’ve found a couple of ways to make this inexpensive art look like an expensive oil painting.

Cheesecloth Method

Start by gluing your picture to a sturdy backing such as a piece of cardboard salvaged from a box, foamboard
or poster board (use the backside of your child’s latest school project). Then lay a piece of cheesecloth
over the picture and apply a thin coat of shellac, varnish or other clear sealant. When dry, frame it and you have what looks like an expensive oil painting.

Vellum Method

Use the instructions above expect use vellum paper
(saved from leftover wedding, baby shower and baby announcements and invites) in place of the cheesecloth.

Modge Podge Method

Remember Modge Podge? Take me back Scottie!

Use a brush to swirl Modge Podge onto your calendar picture and when it dries it will look remarkably like an oil painting.



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