Artistic Frame Magnet

This project is a step up from the basic instructions for a Frame Magnet. You’ll need a magnet and a piece of cardboard to get started.

Cut two shapes from your cardboard. They can be a circle, square, oval, etc. They do not have to be the same shape but one piece needs to be larger than the other piece. One piece will be the frame and the other piece will be the backing.

Cut a hole in the shape of your choice from the center of the smaller piece of cardboard. This is the frame. The uncut piece is the backing. The hole should be large enough so that the portion of the photo you’re using that you want to show will. Decorate both pieces of cardboard in any way you choose making sure that the backing where the photo and frame will be attached is flat.

Try using a diamond shaped frame over a square or circle backing. The diamond shape can be larger or smaller than the backing.

Glue the photo onto the cardboard backing. Glue the frame onto the backing over the photo.

Glue magnet> to backside of frame backing.

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