Accordion Book

This project is wonderful for a greeting card or an invitation. If you’re sending a lot of invitations make the project into an assembly line project enlisting the aid of friends and family.


· 2 pieces of light cardboard (such as that used to package clothing) to a 3-inches x 6-inches rectangle

· 2 pieces of wallpaper or fabric to a 4-inches x 7-inches rectangle

· 1 piece of writing paper to desired length and 5-inches wide

· scrap of ribbon at least 12-inches long

Accordion fold the writing paper into a 2-inch wide rectangle. Unfold and write your letter, poem, invitation or story on the paper. If you end up with an odd number of panels, leave the bottom panel blank as it will be glued to the cover board. If the number of panels is even the glue will go on the back side.

Cover cardboard lightly and evenly with a glue that won’t cause the paper to wrinkle. You can use a glue stick or rubber cement but spray on glue is easiest. Center cardboard on back side of wallpaper/fabric. When glue is dry clip corners of overhanging paper/fabric, fold edges to back side and glue to secure. Repeat with second piece of cardboard.

Thinly coat the back side of the top panel of letter with glue. Center and glue onto the uncovered side of one piece of covered cardboard. Glue bottom panel of letter to uncovered side of second piece of covered cardboard. When glue has dried, fold entire project closed.

Position a length of ribbon around the packet, and if desired, glue ribbon to bottom card only and tie ribbon into a bow around the letter.

How to Make Cards & Invitations


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