Etsy – Crafters Using Recycled Materials


Here is the place where you can find unique crafts, home decor, gifts and little luxuries crafted mostly with recycled items.

Etsy storekeepers please place yourself in this directory by leaving the following information IN THE ORDER LISTED BELOW in your comment:

  • indicate if you’re selling jewelry, clothing, home decor, hair accessories, pet accessories, etc.
  • Your name and/or business name
  • blurb about your business
  • City and State or Metropolitan Area, you service if customer is able to drop by to choose or pickup items
  • contact info
  • include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or other contact ID if applicable

ebay Storekeepers: This directory is for Etsy listings only. If you wish to list your Ebay store and you sell items crafted using recycled materials or vintage items you may post a comment here.

Now for the legal stuff: While Irish Attic enjoys providing a way for businesses to connect with customers we cannot provide specific recommendations or endorsements for any of the services listed here.


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About Kat

I started this blog to share with you all the results of years of turning trash into treasures. Hopefully I'll spark some new creative thoughts and if that happens I hope that you'll share your discoveries and together we’ll build a blog that will singlehandedly reduce global warming and save the world! Okay, maybe that’s a grand goal but we should be able to at least downsize our own trash output.

3 thoughts on “Etsy – Crafters Using Recycled Materials

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  2. I sell jewelry, home decor, hair accessories, and collage items that utilize recycled materials such as bottlecaps with vintage images in them and flowers made from pop cans that are your choice of brooch, magnet, pendant, hair pin, barrette, or anything else you can think of.

    My name is Tamara Barker and my business name is Barker’s Herbs & Heirlooms. I am a self taught mixed media and collage artist and can be found online at:

    I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area and frequently sell at craft shows in the local area.

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