Credit Card Crafts

Fave Crafts Blog has an excellent article on how to re-use all those unsolicited credit cards we all receive in the mail. Check out these ideas: Credit Crunch Bracelet, Mosiac Picture Frame & Guitar Picks.

Credit Card Bracelet
Dollar Store Crafts has an excellent tutorial on how to make a

3 thoughts on “Credit Card Crafts

  1. Hi – I really like your site, but I can’t always find the links to them. This project (credit card crafts) sounds fun but I kept clicking on the main title and couldn’t find it. But then I found it by clicking on the name “Fave Crafts Blog.” I will put this here in case somebody else needs to find the link.

  2. You can always find things on the site by scrolling down to the Search box in the left hand column. Type in your keywords and you’re right where you want to be.

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