Table Made From Books or Magazines

This project is so simple, can be temporary or permanent and can be made to fit any decor. This project works well for a coffee table or end table but not so well for a dining table.

Start by stacking books or magazines to the height you want your table to be minus the depth of the tabletop you’ll be using. This can look contemporary, oriental, country, traditional, Victorian (well you get the idea), depending on what types of books you use. Remember it will be mostly the bindings that will show. The more book/magazine stacks the more stable your table will be.

If you won’t be reading them again, apply a layer of glue between each book for a table that is a bit sturdier. For an even sturdier table drill a hole the diameter of a rod or dowel cut to the height of the book/magazine stack minus the depth of the top and bottom book/magazine. Fit the rod/dowel through the books/magazines, then glue the top and bottom book/magazine to the top and bottom of the stack.

Finish your table with a tabletop and you’re done. Your tabletop can be a piece of glass, a board (leave as is or paint, decoupage or mosiac it), the top from an old table or dresser, a door, a window … use your imagination and take a tour through your garage or a few garage sales.

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