Practically Free Bread Pudding

Don’t toss out all those crusts cut from your children’s sandwiches! Use them to make a delicious bread pudding.

Label two gallon-size ziplock freezer bags, “Sweet Bread Pudding Crusts” and “Savory Bread Pudding Crusts”. Now when you cut the crusts from a sweet flavored sandwich such as peanut butter and jelly store them in the freezer in the “Sweet” bag. Crusts cut from savory sandwiches such as balony should be stored in the “Savory” bag. When a bag is full you’re ready to use the crusts to make your favorite bread pudding.

Epicurious Sweet and Savory Bread Pudding Recipes

Cooking Light Recipes for Sweet & Savory Bread Puddings

Try a healthy bread pudding recipe from one of the books below.


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