Battery Tester Saves $$$’s

One little purchase can save you $$$’s and save quite a few batteries from entering the landfill. I purchased a battery tester that can be used for multiple types of batteris and use it whenever an item with multiple batteries shows signs that the batteries need changing. For instance each of the controllers for a Wii game takes four batteries. When I checked each battery with the tester I found that only one was low in one controller and two in the other. If I hadn’t used my little battery tester I would have replaced eight batteries instead of only three!

I then took my trusty little battery tester and went through the box of batteries ready to go to the recycle bin. I found that half of them were still good!

My battery tester has paid for itself many times over just in one day. It’s been a great investment – better than my stock portfolio at this point.

Pick up your battery tester now at Amazon:


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