2D Bottle Cap Art

Gather small pictures that will work with your bottle caps. You can find them in magazines or your own photo collection. Punch out your pictures with a one-inch circle punch or cut them out around a template.

You can make a template that will make it easier to cut your pictures to size. Lay a bottle cap on a four-inch by four-inch piece of acetate, stiff plastic from toy or other packaged item, or plastic sheet protector. Trace around the cap with a Sharpie pen and use a craft knife to cut out the circle. Now you can place your plastic template over your pictures to see exactly what portion of the picture will be inside the bottle cap before you cut it out. Test cut a second rate picture using your new template to make sure that it’s the right size.

Lay your bottle caps with the flat side down on a hard surface. Use a rubber mallet to pound on each cap until the sides are flattened. Optional: when you have all your caps pounded, brush or spray them with metallic paint.

Brush on a CLEAR PROTECTANT to coat the inside of the cap. Next place a picture on top of the clear protectant and thickly brush on more clear protectant. Set aside for at least an hour then apply another thick coat of clear protectant. Continue to brush on clear protectant for at least 2 more coats allowing at least an hour between coats. Allow 72 hours to dry after last coat.

Some uses for your beautiful bottle caps:

Ideas & Projects Using Your New Bottle Cap Art


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