Keep Your Clothes From Becoming Landfill

We have many tips and projects here in The Irish Attic to show you how to re-use and re-purpose clothes and accessories that are no longer fit to be worn.  So while today’s entry encourages you to actually purchase something I thought it appropriate for The Irish Attic because it will help us all to keep our clothes and accessories wearable instead of re-purposable.ABC’s popular talk show “The View” recently aired a segment with style expert Jen Falika who showed us a bunch of products that while you will need to spend money on will end up saving you money by making your clothes and accessories last much longer.

Here is the full list of items she showed viewers:

  • PurseKeeper is a clear hard plastic case that you use to safely store your bags. Each case also comes with a “stuffer” to help your bag keeps it’s shape. No more scrunched up purses! You can find them at on-line or Bed Bath & Beyond for $15–$30.
  • Garment Guards are little pads that you stick onto the inside of your clothing to keep sweat from staining your garment. Besides staving off embarrassing moments you also cut down on dry cleaning costs.
  • Invisibelt is a flat, clear belt that is undetectable under the thinnest top. This saves your clothing because if you’re like me you don’t have to wash your jeans as often to shrink them back into shape. Also as I’m losing weight I can wear my jeans a bit longer before buying a smaller pair when I use the Invisibelt. Bonus use: if you leave your top button undone every once and a while, the Invisibelt gives you a little breathing room–$19.95
  • Instant Button is a removable button designed to replicate a standard jeans button. Place the Instant Button to give your jeans a little extra room or to pull them in a bit. Set of two buttons with 2 post lengths– $15.00
  • Bosom Buttons are discreet and beautiful pins designed to be worn to keep your clothes where they should be. Use them to attach a low cut bodice to your bra so bending over doesn’t cause havoc or to keep a blouse from gapping. – $12.00
  • Tubes are for women who are not willing to give up their low–rise jeans or cropped tops. Jaks are worn over pants or skirts and under tops. They cover up muffin top and any exposed areas. Bonus: use them to keep warm when wearing shorter tops.  Miss Oops – Jaks are available in black, white, or beige OR Blush Topless Tanks available in lots of colors, some with lace.


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