Curtains from “Leftovers”

When you’re ready to redecorate take a look around your home for items you can use for new curtains. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you end up with.

A skirt you no longer wear can be made over into a curtain for a small window or draped as a valance.

Tattered curtains can be cut down to fit a smaller window or used as a valance.

Sheets, comforters, pillowcases, blankets, tablecloths and slipcovers can all be made over into curtains.

If you sew you may find that fabric you’ve purchased and set aside for a project you haven’t gotten around to yet will work well for new curtains.

Up the Anty

Now if you want to take your curtains to the next level look around the house a bit more and see if you can come up with the materials to implement one or more of the ideas below.

Sew or use iron-on webbing to attach any of the following to your new curtains:

  • Cut shapes from fabric remnants, clothing you no longer wear, sheets, pillowcases, tableclothes, etc.
  • Ribbon, lace or other fabric trim. Use as horizontal strips, horizontal edging or as a border at top or bottom of curtains.
  • Cut outdated ties into strips and use to adorn curtains.
  • Beads and jewelry. Sew or glue to curtains as a border or a random design.
  • Use another curtain or fabric remnant to lengthen a too short curtain. Optional: attach ribbon, lace or other fabric trim over the seam.

Or you can try freehanding or using a stencil to paint a design onto your curtains with fabric paint.

How To Make Your Own Curtains

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