Stuffed Animals Redo

Use an existing stuffed animal that doesn’t have too many good days left to make a pattern for a new stuffed toy.  If your child is still attached to the toy then involve him/her in the project and you may find they are able to transfer their affection to the new toy.


Use a seam ripper to take the toy apart keeping the arms, legs and head stitched to the body.

Pin the old stuffed animal to the fabric you’ll be using for your new stuffed animal after first folding the fabric right sides together. Cut through both layers of fabric so that you have two fabric pieces in the shape of your stuffed animal. Pin right sides together.

Stitch around the entire outside edge of the fabric, leaving a 2-inch wide opening at the bottom of the torso. Turn entire piece right side out. Stuff animal with old pantyhose, undergarments with hardware removed, socks, mittens, gloves – any small clothing items that are beyond wearing.

Stuff the limbs first, using a knitting needle or the end of a long handled spoon to push stuffing into each limb. When each limb is stuffed to your satisfaction stitch through both layers of fabric at the point where the limb meets the body. This allows the limbs to bend.

When the entire toy is stuffed blind-stitch the opening shut.

You can leave the toy as is or add eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers …

Fabric for new stuffed animal

  • old blanket
  • old clothing
  • old bed, table or bath linens

Items to use for facial features

  • buttons
  • jewelry
  • yarn
  • cord
  • sequins
  • beads
  • fabric trim

Links to instructions and patterns

Instructables – using your imagination for a pattern

Martha Stewart – instructions and patterns for simple animals

How to Stuff – instructional video

Expert Village – instructional video

DIY Network – how to stuff when using fiberfill filling


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