Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

Are you ever stumped over what to do with the avalanche of baskets given as gift containers, how to store baskets you only use occasionally or baskets that don’t fit into your décor anymore but that you might want to use at a later date. Below are some ideas that ought to keep all those baskets out of the trashcan.

Make Life Easier

Pile fruit into a basket and place on your kitchen counter, your family room coffee table, living room sofa table, dining room sideboard or guest bedroom bedside table.

Place a basket on the floor near a toilet with extra rolls of toilet paper, air freshener spray and/or drawstring fabric bag filled with feminine hygiene items.

Incoming mail can be placed in a basket near the front door for members of your household to pick up as they come in. Another basket can hold outgoing mail.

Place a basket near your reading area to hold paper to be recycled. Another basket can hold material yet to be read.

Baskets make attractive wastebaskets in bedrooms & bathrooms – line with plastic grocery bags or produce bags.

Start a project basket. Leave the basket near your work area or carry it with you from place to place.

A small basket can hold remote controls for all entertainment appliances along with a television guide.

Line a shallow basket with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Layer lettuce, spinach or cabbage leaves to hide the lining. Fill with vegetable sticks, bread and other food items for a buffet. A large basket can also hold a small dish of dip placed in the center.


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