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Displaying and preserving your children’s art projects can be a challenge. Way too much art and way too little refrigerator space. If you are determined to display each piece of art, before long your home starts to look like a kindergarten classroom. If it breaks your heart (or your child’s heart) to toss out even one piece of precious art read on for some ways to preserve those precious pieces.

Cable Display

In a playroom or child’s room decide how high you will want the art to be hung and attach one hook at that height in a corner and another hook at the same height in the opposite corner.

Cut a piece of picture hanging wire the length of the wall plus six inches. Use pliers to twist one end of the frame wire tightly to one hook, stretch across to the other hook and twist to attach. Clip colored clips, binder clips or clothes pins to the cable and use them to hang your childrens’ art projects.

Display Board

Install a cork board with decorative moulding in your child’s room and/or playroom.

Magnetic Wall

Paint a child’s bedroom wall or walls with magnetic paint. After the magnetic paint has dried, you can then paint with your regular wall color. Now your child can hang the art work in their own room with magnets.


I like to save those ugly advertising magnets that are delivered to me with each pizza, that are sent to me as thank you gifts when I start a new service, etc. and use them to make my own beautiful magnets.

Scan your childrens’ art into your computer then arrange several them on a blank document so that each piece is roughly the size of your advertising magnets. Alternatively you can take the art to a copy shop and have it shrunk down on a color copier.

Cut out each piece of art and glue to the advertising magnet.

Spray the finished creation with clear polyurethane for a beautiful shine and a protective finish.

When you have enough of these for your own fridge don’t forget that these magnets can make wonderful gifts for family members and teachers.

Memory Album and CD

Take pictures of the art work to put in a memory album or on a CD. Then discard the original art.

Create an art notebook by punching three holes in each piece of art and placing it in a special notebook.


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