Craft Projects from Old Appliances

Make sure to check all pieces given to children to play with for rough or sharp edges and do not give children anything that is small enough or of a shape that could be inserted into their mouths, ears, noses, etc. That said an old appliance can be a treasure chest for a crafter!

Use the “inards” for craft projects such as:

Toddlers can stick the parts into balls of clay to make “machines” or “aliens”. Make sure that you wean out any parts that are sharp enough to hurt a child.

Glue parts to inexpensive frames to decorate a techie’s room.

Glue parts around the edge of an unframed mirror.

Attach jewelry backing to parts to make brooches, barrettes, necklaces, earrings. You can find jewelry backings at craft stores or use your own jewelry that you no longer like.


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