Apartment – personalizing, Part 2

Here are a few more ways you can personalize your apartment or rented space.

Light Fixtures

are easy to change out and can make a dramatic difference when upgraded. You can find inexpensive light fixtures at stores like Ikea, Target, Walmart, Kmart or your local Habitat for Humanity Restore (scroll down to search for “Search for Affiliates/Restores in Your Area”).


Purchase a frame or have one made from moulding to fit your bathroom mirrors. Attach with heavy duty double-stick foam tape. You will be amazed at the transformation – from gas station grunge to model home beauty!

Switch-Plates & Outlet Covers

Change out switch-plates & outlet covers. Then just put the old covers back before leaving.

Budget Version

Instead of changing plates out cover them with fabric, wallpaper scraps, gift wrap scraps, artwork printed from your computer, photos cut from magazines … Start by cutting the paper/fabric cover to fit the plate with a half inch extra on all sides. Cut clear contact paper an inch larger than the paper/fabric cover. Remove backing from contact paper and carefully center paper/fabric cover print side down onto contact paper. Place switch-plate/outlet cover on top of paper/fabric. Wrap contact paper around switch-plate/outlet cover, pressing firmly to back. Use a craft knife to cut an X for switch/plug holes and push paper/fabric to inside securing with tape. Reattach to wall. It takes a very close inspection to notice that your new switch-plates aren’t ceramic.

Note: even though this is the budget version you should purchase new switchplates to cover and save the old ones to put back when you leave as chances are your landlord will not consider your covered plates an improvement. Check out your local Habitat For Humanity ReStore for switchplates and outlet covers at a bargain price.


It’s worth the visual impact to switch ugly window treatments for ones that match your decor.

Curtain Rods

Find a relatively straight tree branch. Use as is or spray paint it to work with your decorating scheme.

Paint a 7/8-inch-diameter dowel whatever color you desire. Use Gorilla glue, epoxy or other strong glue to attach decorative finials to each end of the dowel. Make sure to slide curtain rings on before attaching the final finial.

Attach finials to a 3/4-inch galvanized pipe. Attach floor flanges to the pipe. Secure the flanges to your wall studs.

Shower curtain rod.

Finials can be purchased or try:

  • decorative balls
  • toys (if decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom)
  • stacked metal or wood rings
  • napkin rings


Oversize flower silhouettes painted on an inexpensive roller shade bring bright pops of color to a window. Use a pencil to outline your favorite flower (or other) shape on a shade and fill it in with acrylic paint. Hot-glue a length of contrasting ribbon to the bottom edge to finish it. You can even fashion a shade pull with leftover ribbon and a ring or a charm.

How To Make Your Own Curtains

Need a curtain rod? Wide selection at Amazon.com

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